Core Values

Our core values serve as a permanent underpinning to guide members of the NorCal Distance Project. Rather than aspirational qualities, these concepts represent shared traits, identified through self-examination and subject to broad application.

Inspirational presence.

Relentless and competitive throughout our pursuit.

Credible in word and deed.

Humble, win or lose.​​​

              About the logo

The mountain and trees set the backdrop for Northern California's beautiful scenery while the track winding to the Sierras symbolizes dedication to a journey. The lane lines and wings help tie this theme to the sport of track and field. The addition of the logo's accent color, Old Glory Red, features the same color used in both the California and American flags, a testament to both where we come from and the pride we take in being able to represent our great state and the USA on an international level.

Mission & Vision 

The mission of the NorCal Distance Project is to create a professional training environment for runners in events from 800m to the marathon. NorCal Distance Project members share the objectives of representing Northern California in national, international and World Championship level competition.

The NorCal Distance Project commits to:

     - pursue individual and collective excellence with a purposeful approach

     - abide by the WADA Code and support the campaign against all forms of doping in sport

     - compete fiercely, yet honorably

     - place proper emphasis on both the process and outcome of athletic endeavors

     - convey positive ideals through the sports of cross country, road racing and track & field

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Meet the team

The NorCal Distance Project is a professional running team comprised of athletes living and training in the Sacramento area in Northern California.